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Freedom of speech in Sweden and responsibility

Freedom of speech in Sweden and responsibility. Today Swedish public televison, SVT, showed a statement from professor in political science Bo Rothstein: Sweden is the most dangerous country in the world right now, so why should swedish people be hold back from travelling.

Klick the text about travelling and Sweden as the most dangerous country

Source: SVT-text

Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech in Sweden and responsibility.

The idea with freedom of speech is good and will enhance democratic processes in real democracies?

It was a ordinary but still remarkable speach from the professor !

But Sweden it self, is not the most dangerous in the world, of course.

The swedish people can instead be discussed in the light of responsibilities. Change in responsibility will not occur because of upset people in the streets.

Instead, Swedes are rather quiet and passive aggressive. It is therefore difficult to openly gather around difficult questions.

You can not really read the society and hardly find any wild protesters about anything?

Egocentrism before giving and caring

Freedom of speech in Sweden and responsibility.

Rich people already picked up the virus from abroad. Against the warnings, news about corona and when WHO had expressed Global Emergency.

Swedish families continued with their annually family trip to the Canary Islands and the Alps. Even in march 2020, and even as the highest political leadership (C) in the region of Gotland.

Source: graphics, Swedish opinion may 2020 HERE

Old school and collective normative ethics is gone

One should remember that the old country of Sweden thaught pupils from elementary to behave, and the fostering went on trough secondary upper school and the military service.

Bo Rothstein himself struggles when he in his famous book: What should the state do (edit. translation from swedish), tries to explain the relationship between the state and the swedish people.

The book was written before the referendum about EU-membership, and it was mandatory litterature at Stockholm university in my education in political science 1993-94.

When authoritarian forces such as the Swedish Church lost influence in society, much of the thinking of your next disappeared!

Fewer institutions that guided people developed an individual freedom, so that people forgot each other:


Got scared of my own peoples neglectance

Freedom of speech in Sweden and responsibility.

First after the parlamental election 2014, I was really scared. Of course i had already seen the signs of ”freedom” in Sweden for years. But as in Rothstein my own people time after time, voted for less government and more ”freedom”.

The same freedom had already before 1995 started to reform Sweden. After the membership need no arguments. Just read the news or listen to friends struggling.

So much that hurts today, is the result of personal freedom!

Due to the fact that every one seems to belive that they are free to whatever they want, we now face the worst threat for centuries.

Sweden do not celebrate EU or listen to WHO?

When speaking of EU, Sweden was totally silent about the EU-birthday 9 maj 2020.

As an political club with an offical birthday 9 may 1950, the 70-year old birthday child was maybe forgotten?

A severe crise, very much developed by the same people and politic that want EU-membership, had all the light.

Yes, I say developed by the people!

To many swedes are so spoiled and without any incorporated voice saying us to give to each other, that Sweden is very dangerous… in the sense of common behaviour.

The behaviour also shows a neglection to the ongoing world crise!

When I asked Linköping community 3 februari about their reactions and plans according to Corona and the schools, the comunity answered in an email that Corona did not concern Linköping.

The answer was suprisingly nonchalant, as the WHO three day before my question had declared Global Emergency.

Corona doesn´t concern us!

Democracy is responsibility not a fancy living

When informing Swedish authorities about my own symtoms developed in november-december 2019, and that the schools are still open and life goes on as always in Linköping, they responded with links to their sites.

WHO asked last week that countries should track the virus backwards to 2019.

The new freedom in Sweden makes it´s very hard to find anyone in charge!

Both before and after something happens, you can hardly prevent bad consequences or find any to hold responsible for neglective behaviour.

Democracy is therefore very weak in Sweden, and the country is never more dangerous than the Swedes without sustainable moral that instead spread selfishness and egocentrism.

But as I use to say, as an unwanted swedish academic in the labor market, with over 20 school semesters at university, borned and raised in The Old Sweden before the EU-membership… I may not have a clue about anything?

Rothstein is almost right, when he says that Sweden is the world’s most dangerous country, because of the fact that:

The Swedes create deadly consequences with their perceived freedom!



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