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Sweden’s maybe a super spreader?

Sweden’s maybe a super spreader? Finish Institute for Health,, wrote 2016 about Corona in Finland. Patients were affected already in 2012 by the feared and life-threatening MERS-CoV, (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome).

Sweden do not close

Sweden’s maybe a super spreader? People have been traveling out and in, relatively freely for at least 25 yrs… since the EU-membership 1995.

The leading parties running the office, are in minority.

Even a beautiful place like Gotland, has the same parties in charge of the local parliament!


Four reasons should close Sweden

Sweden’s maybe a super spreader? The same reasons for entering EU, has now instead lead to severe consequences.

To protect the core values that made swedish voters say Yes 1994, Sweden should close the borders!

The core values with free movement for goods, services, people (workers) and economy are under attack from virus?

Sweden do not cause problems themselfes?

Sweden’s maybe a super spreader? Every state of uncertainty in Sweden, is always due to ”surrounding world”, ”external factors”, ”Umwelt”, ”Circonstances extérieures”?

Responsibility for own actions has been eradicated with counter-productive policies.

The Swedish people have been told for at least one generation (since membership), that responsibilities is the same as violating the individual freedom.


Individual freedom is now peaking
Sweden’s maybe a super spreader? It sometimes takes 25 years to implement new research findings.
So the time has come now, to put in a door in the Swedish house, wich can again start regulating sustainable flows… of Freedom?
Are you really free with extremly dangerous and invisible viruses, mass lay offs from work, travel bans, without food, money and pensions?
1994 Swedish retired policemen and other skilled personal working for a sustainable society, voted No to membership.
This week is just showing one of the peaking consequences.
Real help and humanity
Helping people at spot develop and thereby get rid of diseases must be a priority, instead of just shuffling severe threats due to policies.

Real responsibilty is to replace the government that is constantly creating chaos… protecting people for real.

Corona Song and wisdom needed

As the beloved Guru put it: Don’t misstake isolation for discrimination.

Finland discovered MERS-CoV in people who had traveled in the Middeleast within 10 days:
Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Yemen, Jordan, Quwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi-Arabia, Syria.
Fever +38°C with symtoms of respiratory infections cough or hard to breath, wich required hospital care.





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