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Sweden as Narcissus’s present water source

Sweden as Narcissus’s present water source. There are countless examples of Sweden being the source of Narcissus. Everywhere and at all ages, signs are showing that I am more important than anything.

This text does not have the purpose of pointing out teens as a problem, rather showing that teens have been queued at all times and waiting for their turn…

Skärmdump ovan: 2020-07-01

Give or take

The public media also weaves the message around the clock. Nothing is more important than you.
However, it is nothing strange, but instead a result of liberalism in full bloom.
Unless generations before had fought hard for the good of everyone, no one today would have the time to contribute to a collective narcissism.

Virus, threats and social disturbances

Will society get more warm if everyone thinks of themselves in the first place?

Me, my wife is now 2.5 times older than today’s high schoolers and still need to stand in line to obtain basic rights in Sweden according to the UN.

Housing, work, retraining, we must fix ourselves, since we are ordinary Swedes with no political priorities.

Indication of the thoughts of Swedish youth

Will Swedish public service ever show any programs on the rights of 40+ to jobs, housing, education?

Or is polarization in every way the new sustainable

Johan Pettersson
Person ENTJ-person i Myers-Briggs. "Drivkraft, analys och beslutsamhet för att nå mål". Oberoende Social- och Hållbarhetskonservativ. Mål Leva i ett humanistiskt varmt Sverige, inte en kall delstat! Va? Se t.ex. Suburra på Netflix... Motto "Politiker som bara tänker på sig själva kommer alltid att misslyckas" Nuläge Driver gärna projekt för hållbarhet. Konsult för organisationer. Gräver och skriver om det splittrade samhället. Utbildningar Ämneslärare i Psykologi/Samhällsvetenskap/Geografi Beteendevetare i psykologi. IT-examen. Magisterpåbyggnad i psykologi och beslutsfattande. Övriga ämnen: juridik, journalistik, projektledning, teknik... Pilot


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