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Sweden’s true EU-political challenges

Sweden’s true EU-political challenges. As reported both before and today, the Swedes experience challenges, but say they have control. People that want to help cannot contribute, if they ever have questioned political behavior. The same time Democracy is depending on the voices of the people.

Democracy and invisible people

Sweden’s true EU-political challenges. There are an increase of groups of grown up Swedes with sometimes several university degrees, skills and loads of working experience. They cannot help their country, because they are to old. Over 43 as the news told- and maybe also openly have been showing critisism?

As a mature it is mandatory to defend Democracy, listen to both wisdoms and science, and act for sustainabillity in the long run.

Sweden and paranoid challenges

There will always be challenges. But Sweden cannot exclude good adults just because they have both the knowledge and maybe belong to the largest voter group.

Sweden having problem with challenges, because of an almost paranoid attitude towards the use of borders?

Viruses are invisible and harm with open borders

Sweden’s true EU-political challenges. An interesting statement from the Swedish Public Health Authority HERE (läkemedelsvärlden.se 2020-01-23):
It is not impossible that because of travel we could get occasional cases in Sweden. But in that case we have good resources to care for and isolate the fallen and stop further spreading
Centers for disease  control and prevention HERE (American public health authority) tells in their Influenza Surveillance Report, that Laboratory confirmed influenza-associated hospitalization rates for the U.S. population overall are higher than most recent seasons (Page last reviewed: April 3, 2020, 11:00 AM)

Swedes confuse isolation with discrimination

Sweden’s true EU-political challenges. If Swedes cannot discern what is isolation or discrimination, it is due to ignorance or politics. Ignorance as in the meaning uneducated can be directly dismissed.
There must be something else that stops powerful efforts against things that threaten society.
Something also stops ordinary, experienced and well-educated Swedes from participating in society… why?
Johan Pettersson
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