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Swedish democracy backfires

Swedish democracy backfires. Or, is Swedish democracy doing well? Just a quick glance from the side gives the viewer something to think aboutImmediate problems that need to be fixed now.

Swedish democracy backfires

Socialdemocrats, Center Party, Liberals and Environmentalists agreed on getting more people integrated, and take part in the labor market.

But, Sweden has not yet succeeded in either integration or the labor market, for immigrants who came 30-50 years ago.

Sweden already have well known and severe problems with structural racism.

Why would anything be different now, when it is proven that Swedish middle-aged, experienced and well-educated, do not get any real help to enter work?

And, will ethnic and native Swedish jobseekers step aside and rather live in poverty, so that immigrants can realize their materialistic dreams in Sweden?

Conspiracy and economic philosophy

Swedish democracy backfires.

Instead of people developing conspiracy theories, it would be wise for the government with their tail-parties, to explain why Swedes should be unemployed, while immigrants have a huge backing from authorities with housing, education, jobs and benefits.

It would also be good if the conservatives, such as Christian Democrats and Moderates, explain why they have contributed to this change in Sweden.

Both parties were part of the so-called 4-party Alliance between the years 2006-14. Today, the parties instead criticize the current government for the country’s condition.

And, if it is really true that conservatives have more economists than other parties, both as politicians and voters, has there been any actual misunderstanding in education?

What economy is sustainable in chaos?

Structural racism

Public institutions recruit their candidates through special politics.

No one says that neither Sweden, nor Home-countries, therefore develops the most sustainable way with ideological recruitment.

Sweden constantly calls out loud:

We are the first Feminist government in the world!

Who will then seriously believe that women are number two after a Swedish man, in the recruitment process in public jobs?

Sweden also developed an agenda with structural policies about hiring Newly arrived migrants, see theese links

Swedish school system

The Swedish school system also backfires, after the number of pupils doubled over a night, and different norms and religions share a crowded arena under unclear leadership.

But the system was already in distress long before, trough “liberalisation”.

Does anyone investigates how Swedish children experience their poverty, when newly arrived drive around with huge luxury cars and SUVs?

How does it feel, when friends in school travels back and forth to their home countries on school holidays? Places that meant that they were allowed to live in Sweden.

Will today’s primary and middle school children enjoy the continuing increasing polarization?

Parents choose other schools

For 20 years now, Swedish parents, even those who have voted for polarization, have moved their children from schools and residential areas that have developed the political concept of ”diversity”.

As a thinker outside the corridors of the power elite, the whole development seems to have started with the aim of increasing the number of consumers. To increase the income of those who own companies, banks and capital. Social unrest is soaring with increasing crime and exclusion.

Left Party (V)

Claims that the government rather borrows instead of taxing the rich income strata. It is a concern that in some way is valid.

The richest elite, has been in favour of transforming Sweden to something else, than the former wellfare state.

Letting millions of people move to Sweden, without any real plan except that they shall be consumers, has also created difficult challenges.

Remember that only a total of 5 million are employed in Sweden, among an unknown number of residents. Only people who are registered by the tax authority with the desire to become permanent residents are included in the statistics

As always, the burden is on the shoulder of the small working class. They should shut up, go to work, be happy and turn their head!

Johan Pettersson
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